Telecom Policy Package

Shall it retrieve NPAs worth Rs 2 lakh crore?

North Block, Ministry of Finance (pic by author)

Latest Government Initiative

Peep into pre-Partition history: The Tribune

Land Reforms after Partition

North Block, New Delhi (pic: by author)

Right to Information Act, 2005

The Right to Information Act, 2005 was notified on 21st June 2005 and become fully operational on the expiry of 120 days of its commencement.

This is a path-breaking Legislation which, for the first time, gave the citizens of the country a statutory right to…

North Block, New Delhi: Houses the Finance Ministry (photo: author)

Official Position in Brief

THE NEW CHANAKYA’s Gyaan for the modern-day Babus.

When with the politicians, condemn the bureaucrats.

When with the police, condemn the judiciary.

When with the press, condemn the politician.

When with the judiciary, condemn the 3 P’s – police, politician and press.

When amongst yourselves, condemn all, except the top political executive.

When alone, condemn everyone else in the universe and commend and recommend yourself.

The 12-course gourmet recipe that has been a closely-held secret among the “Babus”

North Block, New Delhi — the Mecca of all IAS and IPS Officers. (Photo clicked by me)

A couple of years ago, I had penned down a small article highlighting the political inference in the IAS[i]. It was captioned “Has the Professional Integrity of the IAS been Systematically Eroded?” It was inspired by the #MeToo movement, which was then at its peak. We, however, know that political…

COVID-19 Pandemic: The irresolvable dilemmas of the policy-maker.

The Supreme Court has directed the Government of India to frame a hospitalisation policy, in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am waiting to see whether or not under these peculiar circumstances, this policy can do justice to the Articles 14 and…

My Brush with Late TN Seshan

Simplistic comparison is inherently flawed

Government of India is a reflection of its Bureaucracy

As similar or different as two sides of a coin

KBS Sidhu, ex-IAS

Dad, Leo, Mentor, ex-IAS, 1984 batch, superannuated as Spl. Chief Secretary, Punjab. Electronics Engineer, University of Manchester, UK, and Harvard Alumnus.

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